Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Kitten Tamer aka: beer bottle dunker

The "Kitten Tamer" as I like to call it is just a tube with some wire.  This gadget really is quite low tech and anyone can make it with a little time.   What it does is once again cut down on time spent cleaning beer bottles!  I can dunk four bottles at a time and make short work of cleaning them up.

All the bottles need to be washed first with PBW and then sanitized with Iodophor solution.  My tactic is to immerse a set of bottles in a 5 gallon bucket, drain and set aside for the next bath.  I only have the one bucket and the one sink with fairly limited space.

In the end each bottle is dunked twice and each time there is that waiting period as the bottle bubbles out all the air.  This is the what the "Kitten Tamer" was born for, saving time.  This is almost another great argument to switch to kegs but that bridge has already been crossed and money spent on bottles.  I'm committed!

This thing is made from flexible black irrigation tube but any stick or PVC would work. 12 gauge galvanized wire, stay away from stuff that will rust.  You drill two holes perpendicular to each other at one end of the stick and then thread the wire through the holes.  Simple?  To get the loops nice and even try making two overlapping figure eights with the wire first with the proper spacing.  Make sure the ends of the wire meet in the middle:)  Then thread the stick undoing the figure eight just enough to put the loops back in place.  Twist the ends of the wire together and tuck the sharp ends into the tube cavity.


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