Monday, March 28, 2011

Plastic bag dryer tree

We needed a rack to air out the small breast milk bags that were collecting.  Those little Medela bags go for 20 bucks for 50.  At the rate we were going through them we needed to reuse what we could.  The bags were small and needed to be open to dry with a little air flow.  Decided to make something to sit over the air vent.
 Used some readily available 1/2 inch poly irrigation tubing and some 8 inch zip ties to compose the dryer rack.  The tubing is used for watering plants so it is non toxic.
  • Three long tube pieces ~20 inches long
  • Three shorter tube pieces ~ 10 inches long
  • One 3 inch short tube piece
  • 15 - 8 inch or longer zip ties.  They come in assorted colors.  I found a whole bag of them for two bucks.
The three long pieces make up the legs and three of the arms.  The other three short pieces are just arms.  Shorty is the guy in the center.  Just bunch all the tubes together and put a zip tie in the middle.  Once you get them positioned better just add a couple more zips to the middle.  Remainder of the zips are used on the arms to hold the bag more open.

There is no reason this couldn't be used for larger plastic bags.

Cheers, happy reusing.

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