Sunday, March 18, 2012


The kombucha is very easy to make.  There are many good instructions on the interweb.

You don't need to buy a mother to start out just a good bottle of kombucha.  These instruction are detail just that.


Here is what you need.

2 gallon heritage hill jar.  Like this one from target.  14 bucks.
2 gallon heritage hill jar

Get a bottle of your favorite kombucha from the store.  Get one that is not flavored and in a brown bottle.

Get a black tea like Lipton or PG Tips.  No flavored teas, green etc.  Just plain black tea.  About 6 regular tea bags per 2 gal batch.  Stronger is not better. 

White vinegar.  As this is a starter batch and the Ph won't be high enough from just the bottle of kombucha.

A thin cloth like a dinner napkin or hanky with something to tie it to the lid of the jar.  Use a cord or link together several rubber bands.

A kettle to boil 2 gallons of water in.  Stainless steel is preferable.

2 cups of white granulated sugar.  1 cup per gallon.


Bring the two gallons of water to a boil.  Add your tea for 10 min.  Remove tea.  Add sugar and dissolve.  Then put lid on kettle and allow to cool to room temp. 

Pour the sweet tea into glass jar.  Add your entire bottle of kombucha.  1/4 cup of vinegar.  Put cloth over jar opening and bind it so it doesn't slip off or sag into jar.

Wait two weeks.  Keep the jar in a dark warm place.  Don't poke or disturb.  No real action is ever to be seen except for the slow formation of the mother.

Basically you have to keep the finished kombucha in the fridge or it will keep growing.  I decant into glass beer bottles and cap them.  Placing a small piece of candy ginger in the bottle.  Let the bottles stay at room temp for a few days to get some carbonation up before refrigerating. 

Leave some of the kombucha in the jar with the mother.  You will need one cup of the original batch and the mother to make the next batch.  You won't need to use the white vinegar again as the starter has enough acid in it.

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